2019 – A New Year

The other day my husband and I stopped for lunch at a place we regularly frequent. My husband asked our server if she had any plans for 2019.  She smiled and hesitated a moment, as if saying it out loud made it too real, or that she would be committing herself prematurely.  She then responded by stating she was planning to run a half marathon in Canada in the fall.  She had looked up the air fare and she thought she could save enough to swing it.  She had enough time to train and it was something she always wanted to do.  What she said next was interesting.  She knew the race itself would probably be awful.  She really didn’t like to run all that much but, “Everyone says that when you’re done the runners high is worth it!” She made us smile and I hope she gets to go.  Dreams fulfilled often make for life-long memories.

New Year’s brings positive feelings. We think of new beginnings, of adventures, of things unexpected.  It’s fun and exciting to ponder. The year will certainly bring some surprises but our server brought home an important point.  Our choices have a lot to do with the outcomes we desire.  There is great value in planning, preparing, and persevering. Some of that is not much fun and some of it no fun at all. But when we’ve passed the test, reached the goal, accomplished the task, the celebration is worth it all! This New Year, 2019, is certain to be different than we expect in many ways—every year is, but we have much to say in making each day count when it comes to fulfilling our dreams.  Blessings to all for a wonderful year ahead!

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