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Amy Wildman White is an accomplished leader, educator and inspirational speaker. Amy addresses a wide-range of topics including: healthy relationships, conflict management, overcoming adversity, leadership development, team building and fulfilling your calling. Her personal and professional experience contribute to an authenticity that others can relate to and appreciate.

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“She was an incredible speaker.  Very soft spoken but captivating voice.  This was a great session to take with you and reflect more on who you are and why you do the things you do.  Going back to how your parents made you feel as a child helped me understand why I feel the way I do today. Loved this.”

Looking Back to Look Forward Attendee

“It was as if everything she was saying tonight was meant for me. I am uncertain if I will ever see her again, however if you speak to her, please let her know I appreciate her to the deepest part of my spirit. Her presence was desperately needed tonight as reminder that I am still only human and that’s all I can be, yet no matter the obstacles I may face in life that I am going to be ok.”

Overcoming Adversity Attendee

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I am excited to announce I am now offering on-line counseling through Christian Counseling Associates of Western Pennsylvania. If you or someone you know would like to schedule an appointment, please call 724.396.1510. Thank you!

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