Amy White is a licensed professional counselor who has also worked extensively with organizations in leadership roles, hiring, training, team building, communication, and conflict management. She was educated as a DiSC® trainer by Dr. Mimi Hull of Hull and Associates and has been using the DiSC® profile for over twenty years to help organizations improve their hiring process, build strong teams, and facilitate communication and conflict management among staff and leadership.


Organizations all desire to achieve high-level efficiencies, optimal productivity, reach established goals, maintain cohesiveness among team members, and receive high customer experience ratings. The DiSC® profile is a tool in obtaining these outcomes. On an individual level, by understanding one’s profile, one can work more productively. In peer-to-peer interactions, team members can relate more effectively. Understanding employee profiles can assist leaders in drawing out the best in their teams and thereby serve their customers well.


The (DiSC) profile has been around for decades. In 1940, William Moulton Marston developed the first DISC® personality profile, and this version is still used today! Today’s electronic version is quick and comprehensive, both in completing the profile and getting the results.

The profile looks at four categories: D-dominance, I-Influence, S-Steadiness, C-Conscientiousness. All styles are of equal value, and everyone is a blend of all four.

The user completes a series of questions (usually about 15-20 minutes). The results provide the user with valuable information to know more about his/her particular style and how to operate more effectively in the work environment.

what to expect

Positive results can be anticipated when implementing DiSC® in the workplace. Employees have an opportunity to increase their skills and apply what they have learned to work better together and to achieve the desired outcomes. The profile does not assess skills, talents, or aptitudes but rather how we express ourselves, connect with others, and exhibit behaviors in the workplace.


  1. The cost of the profile is $70/person.
  2. Amy White leads the two-hour web-based training for up to 15 people. The cost to the organization is $1,500, in addition to the price of the profile for each user. In person training is available for a cost of $1700 plus travel expenses.
  3. The organization is responsible for handling the technology to set up the team event and process for staff to join in the training. The trainer will facilitate the users getting the instructions and link to complete the profile and create comparison reports if desired.
  4. Upon request, Amy will debrief the leadership team following the training.