Did you say “Hello” to someone today?

I called someone today and I was in a rush.  The person on the other end said “Hello” and I almost went full-speed ahead into my request without responding in kind and also asking how the person was doing.  Later in the day this very same person said she could tell I was in a hurry but thanked me for taking a moment to connect.  She said it really bothered her when people didn’t even have the courtesy to extend a greeting.  Whew — to think I almost blew it!   I believe she was expressing what we all need – to know that we count, that we’re significant.  In relationship with a significant other, within our family, among those in our church community, or fulfilling a role in an organization, while we may serve, contribute, and produce, if we don’t know with certainty that who we are stands alone and that it is us, our very presence, that is valued above all else, all the rest doesn’t mean so much.  Don’t forget to say “Hello” to someone today – I suspect it will mean a lot to them.

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