Life Interrupted

I was again reminded this weekend that sometimes life interrupts our plans.  We are going merrily along and then the unexpected happens.  If the unexpected is happy or beneficial in some way, we jump for joy!  When the unexpected is painful or difficult, however, we can be thrown into an emotional frenzy of sorts—getting off balance, losing our perspective, or even begin sliding deeper into a world that feels chaotic or tumultuous.  If we don’t get back in control, it could be costly.  To avoid this danger zone, it is important to regroup and identify the steps we need to take to regain control of our lives.   We may need some time alone just to think.  We might choose to dialogue with a few trusted friends or seek out professional expertise.   We may need support to help us implement our strategy.   One thing is for sure, figuring out what is next is far more productive than pulling the covers over our heads (well, one day of covers is okay).  When we begin to make even the smallest decisions that move us forward, our emotions begin to settle and we are closer to regaining control of our lives.  That definitely feels better than life controlling us!

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