My List

I was reflecting; pondering what life has taught me to-date.  Here are some thoughts:

  1. Great relationships don’t happen overnight, cost a lot, are few, and a most precious gift
  2. Always hear both sides of a matter before drawing a conclusion
  3. People can change, but not quickly, easily, or completely
  4. You can’t know someone until you’ve been around them quite a while and experienced them in many different circumstances
  5. Feelings are untrustworthy; the best decisions are based on evidence
  6. When you dance with the devil, the devil always wins
  7. It’s important to differentiate between the symptoms and the real problem
  8. Awful things really can be used for good if we forgive and move on
  9. Anger and bitterness are two of Satan’s greatest weapons
  10. Evil exists – we cannot always understand or explain why bad things happen
  11. Good exists too – being grateful is healing and gives new life to a weary soul
  12. When the game is over, no matter who wins or loses, the pieces really do all go back in the box
  13. Children need parents to parent; when the job is done, friendship is the reward
  14. No one will ever meet all of our expectations and we won’t meet theirs either
  15. Too many good relationships are thrown away because they are not perfect
  16. Boundaries in relationships keep us healthy and whole
  17. Failing does not make us a failure
  18. People who bring us down should be few and far between
  19. Although there are exceptions, men and women are very different-and that’s a good thing
  20. The days are slow but the years are fast
  21. Make the most of today – tomorrow you may wish you would have
  22. Tell everyone you love that you love them and tell them often
  23. Disappointment is part of life; deal with it
  24. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so
  25. Grandchildren – ahhhhhhhhh
  26. Don’t take yourself so seriously – nobody else does

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