So, I was thinking. . .

So, I was thinking . . .

  • Life is dynamic, be willing to accept change or you’ll be left behind – that can be lonely
  • Being dependable will greatly determine the opportunities ahead
  • Trust should be earned and not randomly given
  • Some people are difficult and don’t ever change
  • Some people are difficult and can change – not learning the difference is pain repeated
  • Little or no time should be given to people who make us cry
  • Having an attitude really is a choice – usually a bad one
  • The sound of a child’s laughter can change your life, but you have to take the time to hear it
  • Expect the unexpected – you can’t plan it but you can prepare for it
  • Unconditional love does not mean life is perfect, it means you’re in it together
  • Injustice happens – work through it as best you can and move on
  • Being victimized is not ultimately what makes us a victim; yielding to the label does
  • If we don’t base our worth on the knowledge that we are created, loved, accepted and forgiven by the only true God, it’s all up for grabs
  • Feelings are important; understand them and give them only what they’re due
  • It is most often our choices that ultimately determine the outcome – choose wisely
  • When you are coveting something better, remember when you could not afford a pizza
  • God will use all things for our good, but we have to be willing to let Him
  • Anger creates an impenetrable fortress and then kills from within
  • If it is outside of our control, don’t spend too much time thinking about it
  • Fear should merely be a tap on our shoulder to get our attention; nothing more
  • There are consequences to sin – pay your dues, forgive yourself,  let the regrets go, and understand sometimes things can never be the same again
  • Grief endures for a night, but joy really does come in the morning
  • Transparency can feel vulnerable, but is a much lighter burden than keeping secrets
  • Honesty is always appropriate but openness can be untimely
  • Anything that distracts us from pursuing what God has called us to is a weapon in Satan’s armor
  • We’re not all the same; it is pointless to search for someone just like you
  • When you get lost, seek out the right person to show you the way home
  • Always make sure there is toilet paper on the role before you sit down
  • We are all flawed human beings – get over yourself
  • Redemption was bought with a price and love is very expensive

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