These are a few of my favorite things . . .

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to tour historic homes.  It is especially enjoyable when a guide shares the history of the residents and all the details of life in that era.  On more than one occasion we have seen framed pictures made out of the hair of a family member who passed away.  I have found myself responding with curiosity but thinking it was kind of creepy.  I was going through a box the other day and found an envelope with a 4-inch braid of one of my daughter’s hair when she was six-years old.  It was so blonde and soft to touch.  My mind was flooded with memories and my heart was warmed by the feelings of her at that age.  I had a new appreciation for this type of memento and was excited to show it to her.  I was totally surprised by her response, “Mom, that’s creepy.”  I smiled.  Her feelings were similar to mine when I saw them in the old homes.  She didn’t even want to touch it!  Well, I was going to leave it with her to share with her daughter someday but I was too afraid she’d throw it away!  So, it’s back in the box.  No matter how you feel about keeping hair, I was again reminded of the importance of keepsakes, scrapbooks, pictures, etc.  Things that remind us of our history and those we love are important so that our hearts and minds are stirred to remember the ‘whole’ of our lives.  If we could only take two or three things to keep from our home, I bet these are the kinds of things we’d keep.  A reminder once again to cherish what matters most.

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