Our Truth Source

One Friday night a few weeks ago, my grandson was going to bed and told his mom he didn’t want to go to school the next day. His mom responded by saying he didn’t have to worry because it was Saturday—no school! Without missing a beat, he responded that his mom should call his friend, who would set her straight because it wasn’t going to be Saturday when he woke up.  Children are funny but this mother/son interaction raises an important question. Who or what influences us and ultimately, what is our source of truth?  Where do we go to find the right answers to the difficult questions in our ever-changing world? Growing up our parents, culture, school, the church, and other institutions and organizations defined the truth for us.  In retrospect, most of us would say that it was a mixed bag.  As adults we embraced some things we learned and rejected others.  That’s a good thing.  We need to always be open to exploring, investigating, and questioning what we believe.  The more we do so, the less likely we will be thrown off kilter by the newest fad, scheme, or trend whether it be political, spiritual, relational, financial, etc.  To not engage in rigorous testing also makes us more vulnerable to just drinking the Kool-Aid, as they say, and that is potentially deadly.  This is more than an interesting philosophical discussion. There are real-life implications here. This week I had to make an important decision and I didn’t have all the facts.  In other words, I didn’t really know ‘the truth’.  It’s fair to say I wrestled with the matter and for several nights even lost sleep over it. Wherever I landed, someone was going to experience negative consequences. In the end I believe I made the right choice.  Experience, support, and access to information helped me get there, but there’s more to it. In spite of the struggle, I did not feel scattered or inadequate in the process.  That is because I have been blessed to have so many folks invest in me and teach what God has to say about how to do life. These Biblical truths have taken years to understand and embrace. In my human frailty, I fail to consistently live by them but they have stood the test of time.  Everything I encounter and consider is put through this grid. If it doesn’t hold up, I walk away.  It’s not very popular these days to take this route.  It’s seen by some to be rigid, intolerant, and old-fashioned.  I understand that.  I have certainly witnessed how misinterpretation, twisting, and abusing the Word has caused harm, but that is a result of human error.  How about you?  What is your source of truth?  Do you feel confident that you can withstand the storms and make it out the other side?  Perhaps something to ponder?  Happy Easter.

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