Passing the Baton

It’s graduation season. We’ve had the pleasure of attending a few.  Yes, the sun beats down on our backs; the speakers wax eloquently—albeit too long; and there are many mispronounced names to sit through.  These minor irritations pale in comparison to the air of excitement and pride visible on the faces of the students, parents and spectators who line the bleachers and stadium seats.  I have a renewed confidence in the next leg of humankind’s race being run well and can’t help but feel the baton has been successfully passed.  Scanning the graduates, I wonder who will be the next world-changers, the architects and artists who will create beautiful work; the scientists and educators discovering new answers to old heartaches, offering hope and transforming lives; the businessmen and women who will provide innovations and jobs; the parents who will love and raise the next generation.  There will be those who will surprise us because we never thought they could or can’t believe they didn’t. If I’m honest, I also feel concern about what challenges, threats, and obstacles will confront this eager young crowd.  And I wonder:  Will they be able to manage it all, persevere, overcome, accept and learn from failure and disappointment? Will they be able to grow in character and not succumb to greed, temptation, self-pleasure?  Will they be able to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing and sometimes frightening world?  Will they be the protectors and take care of things, making the world a better place to live for those who follow?  Will they value what matters and challenge those things that threaten freedom, justice, dignity, morality, and truth?  Which ones won’t survive—because some of them won’t?  When I look at Facebook posts and comments, YouTube videos, editorials and talking heads, I doubt because of what I see and hear.  My view gets myopic and I can get discouraged and even fatalistic.  I then have to make a mental and emotional correction and change my pessimistic course, reminding myself that God promises us a future and there are those whom He has chosen to carry on.  Good does overcome evil, caring people will do their part, and justice does ultimately prevail. I feel thankful to all those newbies who are willing to fight the fight and run the race.  Can’t wait to see what you do!

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