I am delighted to announce that I am now offering a team-building event for your organization that can significantly improve how staff relate to one another and impact the team’s overall success.

If your organization is experiencing some workplace challenges in staff communication, collaboration, and reaching desired outcomes, or if you want to maximize the efforts of an already productive team, consider engaging in the Everything DiSC Workplace® team-building experience.

This DiSC® is a well-established tool with reliable results and proven success. It identifies helpful criteria for knowing ourselves and others and in setting reasonable expectations of one another. Each user will learn their style and those of their team members. The team building will explore how comfortable people are in making decisions; if the individual works better in a team or alone; how they receive, adapt, and manage change; and how analytical, precise, systematic, and private they are.

Communication is also a key area of focus. The profile describes how to best approach and respond to one another and the behaviors each person may exhibit under stress, thereby eliminating misinterpretations that can create barriers to reaching desired outcomes.

Participating in the DiSC® team building event is enjoyable for team members and can positively impact the work environment. In addition, the organization can repeatedly draw from the DiSC® workplace profile as a resource to influence the work environment in productive and healthy ways well into the future.

For more information about Amy and the program, visit or email:

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