Dreaming like Mary . . .

I remember a time, be it long ago, when no inhibitions or responsibilities limited my freedom to indulge, yes even escape in the luxury of a lazy afternoon’s dreaming — of romances and adventures, perhaps awaiting me around the very next corner.  A young girl named Mary may have done the same thing as she thought about Joseph and their future together; that is until Gabriel appeared to her.  If I put myself in Mary’s place, an angel standing beside me would be surreal all by itself, but how would I have responded to the news that God’s Spirit was to come over me, I would supernaturally conceive, and then give birth to a child?   How would I explain that to the ladies at the corner market?  That wasn’t all, this child was going to be special.  He would be called the Son of the Most High and his kingdom would never end.  Mary did something that we would probably say was crazy.  According to her cousin Elizabeth, Mary believed all of it!  This Christmas, may we have the faith of Mary to embrace God’s calling in the here and now and try to grasp the fulfillment of the promise of an eternity with the Most High.  Someday it will happen.  The God who does not lie says so and I want to be there!

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