Tis the Season . . .

‘Tis the season’. . .how to finish it?  To be jolly. . .to rejoice. . .to give.  The choices are many, but for me no additional verbiage is needed for tis the ‘season’ I love.  The season to reflect over why we celebrate to begin with: “Joy to the world, the Savior comes!”  The season to draw from the deeply imbedded video clips found in some recess of our minds of seasons past,  images of being six, sixteen, or thirty-six; envisioning those who sat beside us at the Christmas table, who was new to the family, or who was absent or gone.  The season to engage in traditions that bind us together and warm our hearts to the core, inducing a sentimentality that envelops us like a favorite blanket on a cold winter’s night.  It is also the season to remember that ‘for everything there is a season’ and try to appreciate, encourage, and be grateful for this season.  There are some folks I know who have cause to wonder if it is their last season.  I pray for them.  I think about them.  I ache for them but hope they are confident of what is next.  We are created with immortality in our hearts and so often struggle to come to terms with the reality that we are here for only a ‘season’, be it however long or short.  It is also the season to express love – to all those who came before us, all those who are with us, and those who will come after. May we never grow weary of Tiny Tim’s words:   “God Bless Us,  Every One!” Tis the Season, and I, for one, plan to relish it! 

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