Feeling Alone Lately?

Have you ever felt alone in the midst of a crowd?  Recently I attended a conference and didn’t know anyone.  It was a strange juxtaposition – ‘separate but part of’ kind of thing.   Looking back on the experience, I realize that I allowed myself to get caught up in that existential moment and although short-lived, my thinking inched down a rather distorted path.  I began to ponder what, in the grand scheme of things, any difference one life can make-my own included.  Considering if there was any profit in past investments of time, talents and money crept into my reflections.  Determining what future choices were ahead that would lead to any worthwhile conclusions seemed futile.  Depressing, right?  Fortunately, I didn’t stay there.  Soon after the conference began I attended a plenary session and was captured by the messages of strong, well-traveled Christian leaders.   I participated in worshipful music and was blessed by words of encouragement.  As attendees were ministered to and inspired to press on, I no longer felt alone but again an integral part of the body of Christ.  I walked away in a much different place, excited about continuing to do whatever work God puts before me, for His glory and His purpose.  It happened that quickly but that shouldn’t come as a surprise, really.  God has clearly called us to be part of community and when we are disconnected, we are more vulnerable to the endless schemes of the evil one who delights in throwing us off balance.  I’ve made a commitment to have a greater sense of self-awareness.  The next time I have those feelings I will guard my thoughts but I will also reach out and connect with the people God brings my way so as to regain a right perspective.  The best defense is a great offense!

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