The Faith of A Child

I recently called my daughter just to check in.  It was Sunday afternoon and she and her family were going on a picnic.  Knowing how demanding her schedule had been, I asked if it was going to be relaxing.  She thought it would be and mentioned that the hosts of the picnic had just adopted twin girls.  The girls had come into the home as foster children.  From day one this woman knew she was to be their mom and immediately started the adoption process.  My daughter went on to tell me about a recent bedtime conversation between the mom and one of the little girls.  The little girl said “I knew you were supposed to be my mommy.”  Without hesitation the mom said she, too, knew that from the first day they came into their home.  The little girl responded, “No.  I mean I knew when I was hiding under the bed hoping for a mommy who would take care of us—cause that’s when I saw your face.”   I was moved to tears.  God’s hand had been at work before anyone even knew it, bringing two little girls out of neglect, abuse and chaos into a future filled with hope and promise. None of us can predict how the years ahead will unfold for this young family, but it is clear that in the here-and- now, redemption has begun.  I was once again reminded of how God is a God of detail and has a plan for our lives, a plan for good not evil.  Whatever valley we encounter in our journey, this is so critical to remember.  Even when all we have the capacity to do is to hold on, having the faith to know that God will pull us through can carry us until the dark days are over.  I’m grateful for the faith of a little girl who asked for a new mom and for a God who showed her the face of the woman who would love her.  May we all be encouraged.

2 thoughts on “The Faith of A Child

  1. I love this Amy. May that little one know that God picked her and her mommy out just for each other.

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