The Grumpies

I woke up this morning realizing that I stood on the precipice of grumpy.  I was thinking about things that were less than perfect in my life and wondering why God hadn’t done something about them yet.  I was also keenly aware that I had a day off work without deadlines, responsibilities, or people with complaints or needs.  “So,” I said to myself, “What’s it going to be?”  I knew I had a choice – to focus on the positives or to allow discontentment to color my day.  Then Bill and I went for a bike ride, swam in the pool, and I’m sitting outside on a beautiful 4th of July thoroughly enjoying the luxury of contemplation.  I’m reminded of an incident that recently occurred.  Last week I had a minor procedure done that required anesthetic.  I had a wonderful anesthesiologist and right before I went under she asked me if I had a happy place to think about.  I told her I had so many happy places and I wasn’t being dramatic or exaggerating.  I wish I could always remember to be grateful and keep my perspective straight.  I’m frustrated that I allow what isn’t to get more attention than what is.  I guess we’re all a work in progress, though.  (By the way, by the time I finished my cherry yogurt the grumpies were totally defeated).

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