Time. . .

Time seems so strange.  It passes while we’re living through it and although some days are longer than others, it all morphs together into a decade with a summary page at the end.  I strive to keep the ‘big picture’ in mind, but admit the worries of the day or the excitement of the moment get much more than their due.  I sometimes wonder what it will be like when I cross over to my eternal home and look back over it all.  I suppose I’ll smile at the trivial things that captured my attention and consumed my energy. I know I will be grateful that I made it through all the bumps in the road, the battlefront experiences, and the common and uncommon challenges that came my way. When I see the multitudes of angels that intervened on my behalf, I am certain I will shudder to see the grief and hardship I was spared.  I hope that I will feel at least somewhat satisfied with my efforts to become more like Christ and to fulfill His purpose for my life.  But there is more.  What brings me to the brink of tears and stirs my heart, is visualizing the faces of those whom I have loved that will be waiting for me.  What a gift.  To know there will be a grand reunion and the troubles of this life will no longer interrupt and that I will be in the presence of the One who made me, loves me, and cannot wait to see me, is almost more than I can take in.  Don’t misinterpret, I want to live fully the number of days God has assigned to me.  I desire to love and contribute to the special people He has brought my way; but the older I get, the more I can embrace the words of Paul, “To live is Christ, to die is gain.”  It’s all good!

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