It’s the Little Things . . .

I recently attended an event where I reconnected with some folks that I had not seen for decades. (I wondered if they were as surprised as I at the changes produced by life and time). It was weird, in my mind’s eye I watched the video flashbacks of my world all those years ago—where I lived, what I did, what I cared about. I saw me, the young woman, the new mom, the naïve person who had so much to learn. It was delightful and strange at the same time. I was also keenly aware of the multitude of events which had transpired between then and now. So much had happened and it all went so quickly. Often when we have these experiences we contemplate what really mattered. That’s a worthwhile exercise but this time I thought more about the details. While some decisions are big ones—whom we marry, where we live, what job we take, there are so many small, day-to-day choices that have just as much impact on the end results: how many times I told the special people in my life I loved them; the Bible readings and prayers; the visits to see and enjoy those who weren’t close by; the people who I allowed into my world who knew me and cared enough to say things like “Stop that” or “What are you doing.” None of these seemed necessarily monumental at the time, but cumulatively they produced such significant outcomes. The days may be long and the years short, but those long days, if used well, contribute much toward a happy ending.

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