Expect the Unexpected

Recently my husband and I went away for the weekend. We decided to leave Thursday evening to avoid Friday morning’s rush-hour traffic. We drove a couple of hours and stopped to get a room for the night. Easy check-in; no problem. We parked the car right near our ground-level room and with suitcase in tow, I approached the door and swiped my key card. After pushing it open just a crack, I was startled to see the TV on and to hear voices from an elderly couple already nestled in bed for the night: “Hey, what are you doing!” I pulled the door shut as fast as I could, while at the same time mumbling that I must have been given the wrong key. I was grateful I wasn’t attacked or worse! We explained what happed to the desk attendant and then settled into a new room (which we got at half price). In the morning we hit the road without encountering any more hiccups and landed at the motel where we had previously made a reservation. After registering, the desk clerk was pleased to inform us that we were being upgraded to a suite at no extra charge. We took the elevator to the eighth floor and found our room. Insight we were greeted by a magnificent ocean view that scanned the beach and looked out for miles across the sea. Sliding open the wall-to-wall doors allowed us to hear the soothing sound of the waves rolling onto the shore. A Jacuzzi tub, sleep-number bed, and large TV were the icing on the cake! It was fabulous! Two very different experiences—both unexpected. Adventures are exciting, even small ones. If nothing else, we have great stories to share when we get back! We need to be certain the rocking chair on the front porch gets dust on it now and then.

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