The Story

Everyone has a story and recently I was privileged to hear one. I have to admit the beginning was rough. A sordid tale of repeated victimization and injustice unfolded. It was not the first time I had a glimpse into a life replete with undeserved pain and suffering. People who should have been nurturing and caring had been the antithesis. Once again I wondered how someone can survive the level of trauma expressed in the shared words. Then the plot took a turn, for in the midst of a life of chaos, an unexpected hand had reached into a dark world and offered help. A listening ear provided understanding and support. One step was taken to change the circumstances, then another and another. The storyteller shared an insight recently gained: the idea of choice and the ability to do things differently. Relief. Applause. Joy. The process of redemption had begun. The road to healing will be long but a path was being forged and a new chapter started. It’s the holiday season and a blessed time of year, as it should be. We celebrate the birth of Christ, the light of the world and I find myself being especially grateful for those who go to places that may be uncomfortable. They have learned to love unconditionally, like He did. As a result, the lost are found and the dead are brought back to life. God bless us everyone.

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