More of this and less of that

I recently had the opportunity to speak briefly with two women I had never met before. These ladies were meticulously dressed and appeared to be in good health. By outward appearances, they seemed to be doing quite well. As we talked in more depth, however, it became apparent that each were struggling in different ways. The first woman was in her eighties. Her husband of sixty years died four years ago and she expressed that she missed him more and more as the days passed. She said that it was supposed to get easier but it only got harder for her. It is likely that the holiday season heightened her grief, but nonetheless, her heartache was evident. The second woman was in her late sixties or early seventies and was still working. She had been in the same role for a long time and was bored. She said she kept praying for what God had for her next and struggled every day to go to work. My heart went out to her. These two conversations reminded me that most folks are struggling with something, be it big or small to the rest of the world. I also thought how important it is for all of us to take a few moments to connect and share in one another’s lives. We live in a superficial age. Exchanges tend to be quick and brief with our texting, emails and messaging. I appreciated knowing these ladies on a deeper level even if we are not to meet again. In a strange way, I felt filled by their sharing. I was blessed to experience the connection with them. My goal this season is to do more of this and less of ‘that’- all those other things that rob us of the relational rewards we reap by investing in the special people God would bring our way.

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