The Cough That Never Ends

I am now going into the third week of the cough that never ends. It shared Christmas with me, New Year’s Eve, a broken tooth, a visit to the dentist— who attempted to put on a crown while I coughed in between the Novocain and the drill (fortunately the dentist won). It puts me to sleep at night and greets me in the morning; it is my new best friend and goes everywhere I go. I am going to buy more cough medicine today and Alka-Seltzer night time cold and cough because two people have now told me it works. Someday it will be gone and I will struggle to remember our time together. That’s what they tell me any way. My cough is like many things in life. It drives me crazy but makes me appreciate feeling well, the beauty of a good night’s sleep, and the pride of looking well-groomed (as compared to the dark circles, runny eyes, and fits in the middle of the store). So, I guess even those things that seek to consume us, in the end, have contributed to our well-being. Happy New Year!

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