Love – The Messy Kind

Accidents happen—like when my five-year old grandson did a face plant after attempting to step from the couch to the TV cabinet (which he wasn’t allowed to do). Amidst tears and shrieks galore, my daughter rushed him to the bathroom to assess and treat the damage. His terror was heightened with every drop of blood that sprayed across the furniture, walls and floor. Wanting to alleviate his fear, his twin brother came to the rescue. “Don’t worry; I’ll clean it up so you won’t have to be afraid!” He exclaimed and then kicked it into high gear with dish rag and paper towels in hand. These two little boys have their times of anger and frustration with one another, even fisticuffs and competition, but this genuine act of kindness revealed the true nature of their relationship. No matter our age, all of us need to be shown by the actions of those we love that they care for us, have our back, and will be there when the going gets tough. By the way, when his mom told our little helper that he did a great job, his response: “Yeah, but it was d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g!” Well, I guess he too is learning that love is not always easy!

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