My eighth grandchild, Grace, recently came into the world. She’s beautiful.  As I held this tiny little girl in my arms, I was keenly aware of how fragile she is.  As the days, weeks and years pass she’ll get bigger and stronger as did her older brother and cousins.  One day she’ll be able to take care of herself.  Grace doesn’t realize it but many folks have already rallied around her to provide support. During the sleepless and exhausting first few weeks of life, her mom and dad have been blessed by encouraging messages, visits, meals, and gifts.  There’s a team in place to watch over and enter in when there’s a need.  I’m grateful for that. The truth is, no matter what our age, we’re all a bit like Grace.  We human beings are a bit fragile, at times more so than others.  We need a team around us. They become our safety net, locking arms and preventing us from falling or catching us when we do. They cheer us on to be our very best self.  So, how are you doing?  Do you need to build or add to your team?  No time like the present to surround yourself with caring people who will help you and whom you can support as well.

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